Dec 30, 2009

Rainy Day In SoCal

Don't get many rainy days in L.A. But I do enjoy them when we do have them. Even if LA drivers tend to get dumber on these days. :\

Nov 11, 2009

Animation Academy

So I have been taking classes at the Animation Academy in Burbank for a while now. Trying to get back into the groove of things when it comes to drawing and more so drawing on paper. The class I am currently in is a Visual Development class where we pretty much just focus on shading and trying to add more dimension to our designs. I decided to post two pieces up that I like how they have so far come out.The design above was actually done on transparency paper.This other one is on animation paper. I really like how she came out and decided I am going to try to develop her and her world a little more. Maybe add some other characters into the mix. We shall see when I will have time to do that, lol.

Oct 16, 2009

First comic ever!

A few weeks back I mentioned how two friends asked me to do a save the date comic for their wedding. Well, I am finally done! I never did anything like this but they love it and will be printed and shipped out to the wedding guests soon, I think. :P

I would like to thank my arch-nemesis Steph for helping me out and giving me some tips. XD

Oct 8, 2009

Update, no way!

Haven't updated in a while so I did a quick sketch to put on here. I got lazy towards the end and I am sure you can tell where that happened, hehehe.

Sep 22, 2009

Save the date!

Two good friends of mine are getting married in May and they have asked me to create a "Keep the Date" Postcard for them. They want to do a short comic strip of the proposal and send that out to everyone. I've been trying to come up with ideas as what to do and I think I finally have a starting point. For the layout and what each panel will have I am going to do something like this:For the style/design of the characters I wanted something more cutesy so I am going in this direction:I think I already created a perfect image of Josh and just need to clean him up a bit and need to adjust a few things on Kim and then they will be perfect, lol.

I've never done a comic before so I have no real way of knowing how to approach this especially with the posing since the first two panels have to be front view. But I know if I take my time and a few shots (and get some help from some friends hehehe) I will get there. :)

Tis be the the 22nd of September

Sep 8, 2009

Blast from the past

A little back story to this design. I attended Hollywood High School and was a part of the thespians group. Loosely translated it means I was a drama geek. My junior year (01/02) our group decided to have thespians shirts made and I designed this logo. It incorporates everything our program was about: acting, dance, singing/music, film and stage tech/design. WellI graduated HS and they never did anything with the design. But eventually about 2-3 years back I get an email from one of my old teachers wanting to know if they could still use the design. Apparently the new thespians and students loved it and wanted to use it. I said OK and now its on t-shirts everywhere! OK, not really. But still :)

Aug 28, 2009

Here ya go

Here. An Update. Enjoy. XD

Aug 14, 2009


Updating with one of my newer and older pieces. I hope I can gather some of my pieces from home and upload them this weekend. After tweaking them of course.